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Board Services- Evals R Us focused on assisting you through the planning processes you are experiencing to help guarantee that your organization is focused, empowered, and able to achieve greatness.
CEO Services

As a board member you want an easy process to evaluate your CEO.  We offer an annonymous, simple process. We take care of the reminders to the rest of the board. We give you a comprehensive report, that you don't have to tabulate by hand, and we give you feedback to help you compare the results. 

Click here to get a sample of the report. 

CEO Sample Survery (where Boards Evaluate the CEO)

We can customize your current survey, and make it electronic, and automated. We offer a simple, easy and painless solution.
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Board Services

​​Below are two sample board surveys, and a third for you to try. 

Each survey is between 35 and 65
questions. One survey will allow board
members to evaluate other board
members. The second survey allows
the board to evaluate themselves. The third is a FREE sample Board Survey of just 13 questions for you to try.

Sample - Evaluate the Entire Board

Sample - Board Members Evaluate other Board Members

Free Board Sample Survey - Directions.